Ecological Corridor

Competition Submission, Urban Designer at Brown + Storey Architects
St. Laurent Biodiversity Corridor, Montréal, 2017

To combat expansive heat islands and the fragmentation of habitats by infrastructure and development, the highly industrialized Borough of Saint-Laurent issued a competition to create “biodiversity corridors.” The intention of the corridors is to “connect natural habitats on private and public lands, medians and green spaces along three main lines of action: wildlife habitats, greening and citizen pathways” and to “boost the quality of the living environment for residents, visitors and workers.”

The proposal creates a systematic language of linear patterns - generators - that can be inserted into the secteurs of the Borough Saint-Laurent to establish the dedicated biodiversity corridor and consolidate the present archipelago of open spaces and connect them to their context in ways that transform today’s zones of industry, residential, retail and cultural infrastructure.